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Direct-line and Online

As enquires pour in from around the globe, the demand for the 2011 M.M.X. has left potential customers voicing concerns over the reassurance of parts availability to various countries where there is currently no distributor.

Attempting to launch a niche product in a market which stretches through the boundaries of global economies and succumbs to exchange rates which could ultimately dictate the success or failure of the bike in any given country, Maico International will be providing logistical support for customers who have no direct access to a dealer.

Currently being constructed and expected to be live by the end of January the all new online shop will list and feature all the necessary parts and products associated with the M.M.X. including the exotic new swing-arm and frame upgrades which fit the recent Maicos combined with the options and parts fitted to the all new factory motors. All prices are in sterling and will include shipping and V.A.T. at the U.K. rate and with such efficient services now being provided by couriers, transit times around the globe should be a maximum of five working days.

Conscious of the rather clinical and faceless approach that some on line shops portray and the reservation some people have in using them, Maico International will be launching several direct line telephone numbers in the New Year, which will allow customers immediate access to a "real person" to present any questions and discuss their potential purchase before ordering.

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